There are two ways we charge for our work. The first is by way of a fixed fee agreed with you at the beginning of your matter. We base this on the facts of your case and on the information you provided to us. Depending on the facts of your own matter our fees will be in the following ranges:

Residential Conveyancing with no unusual or protracted work: £999.00 – £1500.00
Commercial Leasehold Conveyancing: £1200 – £1500
Landlord and Tenant Possession: £1000 – £1200
Immigration: £1000 – £1500

We do not agree a fee in all other matters. Our fees will be based on the charging rate of the Fee earner dealing with the matter. Please see below.


Hourly Fees / Charges £ (Rates calculated on the basis of every 30 minutes commenced)
Partner 1 (Over 5 years): £320
Partner 2 (Under 5 years): £270
Consultant: £250
Solicitor: £220
Asst Solicitor: £175
Paralegal: £140