… One thing is clear: In the present immigration climate the need to have the help and assistance of very knowledgeable and competent legal experts cannot be over-emphasised. At Grand & Machyle we painstakingly keep track of the constantly changing immigration rules to ascertain how each change affects potential applicants and how we can employ any new developments as well as case law in favour of our clients. We even offer special fee arrangements to ensure that your success is paramount.

At Grand and Machyle we pride ourselves on the superior quality of the services we provide. All of our clients receive the same level of personal care and attention applied to their case. When you come to us you can be safe in the knowledge that everything will be done on your behalf to ensure the greatest possible chance of success.


Before submitting an application to the UK Border Agency or even at British Embassies or High Commissions, it is worth seeking professional and expert advice. Our service will help you to make sure you are well prepared to begin the application process.


Our service includes full assistance with every aspect of the application process itself. We will run through all the necessary paperwork and processes involved and make sure that everything is in order to ensure that your application will be successful.


It is now common knowledge that probably as a result of the pressures on it the UKBA (Home Office) very often refuses applications indiscriminately without giving adequate considerations to the merits or exercising their discretion reasonably. In some cases they even claim that there is no right of appeal where there may indeed be such a right. Therefore if you have made an application for a visa or an extension of leave to remain and it has been refused, it will be well worth it to seek legal advise and assistance in relation to the refusal. At Grand & Machyle we can help you review the decision and where necessary challenge it. We will analyse your case in great detail to determine the reasons for your application being refused and then proceed to submit an appeal or make representations to the Home Office on your behalf where necessary.

Our Fees 

Our fees are highly competitive and based on the time it will take us to prepare your matter for success. We operate a fixed fee pricing structure for all of our standard immigration cases which means that from your very first meeting with us you will know exactly how much your case will cost. We operate a totally transparent charging structure and promise not to impose any hidden costs.   

Our Commitment

We realise how important your case is to you and we will give it the full attention it requires. The good news is that your case is very important to us too. We are keen on counting yours among our long list of successful cases.  That is why we ensure that all our lawyers and caseworkers are legally qualified.   

Initial Consultation and Assessment 

If you would a quote for your matter you can contact us now for a free initial consultation so that we can assess your case. This is quick and straight to the point. We can save you a lot of expenses and disappointment by ascertaining as soon as possible whether or not you may have a good claim.