Grand and Machyle Solicitors are a dedicated family practice, with offices in South Norwood, Croydon and Market Street, Manchester, providing a full range of legal services from divorce to children issues and matrimonial finance. If you have any worries, issues or queries regarding family law, one of our experienced solicitors will be more than happy to help.

  • Divorce and Separation
    When you are separating, a real concern for many couples is what the financial outcome of the split will be. Questions about, whether you’ll be able to keep the house? or whether your children will have to change schools?, or can you afford to pay the bills?, and what will happen about pensions? are the kind of questions we are often asked.

    If you and your partner are married or in a civil partnership and can’t agree on how to split property and sort out your finances you can apply to the courts for a financial remedy
  • Civil Partnership
    Prior to entering into a civil partnership, it is possible to draw up an agreement which will make provision for the possibility of future relationship breakdown. The contents of such an agreement can be as specific as you wish to make them, however in order to have the best chance of being taken into consideration by a court in the event that the partnership is dissolved, it is generally best to restrict the contents of agreements to matters like the division of assets and other financial matters.

    As family law specialists, our team can advise civil partners on the drawing up of such agreements and in the event that a relationship has broken down, on seeking dissolution of the partnership.
  • Co-habitation
    There are many types of living together arrangements and we are here to advise you on how best to protect your interests when going in to a new relationship and to help you sort things out if there are difficulties within your relationship.

    You might want to consider either a pre nuptial or cohabitation (Living Together) agreement covering each person’s expectations, usually financial, but can include, within reason, anything you wish. We also have good experience of preparing post nuptial or separation agreements.
  • Children
    • Child maintenance will most likely be a factor in court proceedings to divide assets following a divorce or family breakup where children are involved.

      How Do I Arrange Child Maintenance?
    • There are four ways of arranging child maintenance
      1 – Make a Private Child Maintenance Agreement
      2 – Make an Application to the Child Maintenance Service (CMS)
      3 – Make an application for a Court Order
      4 – Make an Application to Court under the Children Act 1989
  • Finances
    Tending to your finances is the best way to protect what you have and give the best opportunity to your family and loved ones. Our team are here to help you plan for now, for your future, and for your family’s future. You can talk to us in strict confidence and we pride ourselves on handling all work with consideration and collaboration. Our breadth and depth of experience mean there is no issue we cannot handle
  • International Family Law
    Whether you are a British national (ex pat) living overseas or a foreign national living in England and Wales, we can help you. In an increasingly global society, family law disputes which involve more than one country are becoming more frequent. Races to choose the best jurisdiction are increasingly common. This is called forum shopping.
  • Prenuptial Agreement
    A prenuptial agreement (also known as a pre-nup) is a formal, written agreement between two partners prior to their marriage. It sets out ownership of all their belongings (including money, assets and property) and explains how it will be divided in the event of the breakdown of their marriage. Prenuptial agreements are perceived by some to be pessimistic and unromantic. Others argue that a prenup can circumvent time, expense and acrimony.